St. Lucie Voice is a community newspaper mailed each week to all 14,600 homes and businesses in zip codes 34986 (St. Lucie West) and 34987 (Tradition).

It provides hyperlocal coverage of the rapidly growing area west of the Florida Turnpike in St. Lucie County, Florida, and affords advertisers a unique opportunity to reach every home in these affluent neighborhoods.

The forerunner of St. Lucie Voice was Your Voice, a weekly paper launched four years ago by Steven E. Erlanger, who previously founded and ran the Hometown News.

In mid-2016, in an effort to further strengthen the weekly’s coverage, Erlanger decided to join up with Vero Beach 32963 Media, LLC, which publishes newspapers that are mailed weekly to 37,000 homes in neighboring Indian River County including all of the barrier island.

Erlanger is now associate publisher of St. Lucie Voice and can be reached at A key member of his team, Sales Consultant Jeffrey Mayer, can be reached at

Suggestions for news coverage should be emailed to the community editor of St. Lucie Voice, Paul Keaney, at

Our lead reporter is Debbie Carson who can be reached at and our lead photographer is Mitch Kloorfain who can be reached at

Questions about this website should be emailed to the creative director, Dan Alexander, at

Inquiries about Vero Beach 32963 Media, LLC can be emailed to Milton R. Benjamin, the president, at